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Welcome to Vida's Plant-Based Butcher, where a world of delectable plant-based delights awaits you in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the most delicious and wholesome plant-based products that will satisfy your cravings and nourish your body.

Our Story

Vida's Plant-Based Butcher was born out of a passion for sustainability, health, and mouthwatering flavors. Founded by a group of dedicated food enthusiasts, we set out to create a haven for those who embrace a plant-based lifestyle or simply seek healthier and more environmentally friendly culinary options. With a commitment to quality and taste, we've redefined the art of plant-based cuisine.


Our Products:


At Vida's, we craft an array of plant-based products that mimic the textures and tastes of traditional meats, but without the negative environmental impacts and ethical concerns. From mouthwatering plant-based burgers to succulent sausages, savory deli slices, and much more, our products are a testament to the power of plant-based innovation.

Sustainability & Ethics:


We take sustainability seriously. By choosing Vida's Plant-Based Butcher, you're making a positive impact on the environment. Our ingredients are carefully sourced to minimize our carbon footprint, and we're committed to promoting a more sustainable future for our planet. We believe in treating all living creatures with respect and care, and that's why our products are entirely free from animal cruelty.

Visit Us:


We invite you to visit our store at 1724 Northwest Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio, 43212. Experience the warmth and aroma of our cozy plant-based haven, and explore our mouthwatering selections. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just curious to try something new, Vida's Plant-Based Butcher has something for everyone.

At Vida's Plant-Based Butcher, we believe that good food can be good for you and the planet. Join us on this exciting culinary journey, and together, let's savor the flavors of a sustainable future. Come to Vida's and taste the difference!

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